In a rapidly changing threat environment, the ability of the Naval Force to maintain its competitive advantage depends on quick adaptation and innovative tactical and technical concepts. 


The Advanced Naval Technology Exercise, or “ANTX,” provides a venue for the exchange of information that is key to this innovation. ANTX is designed to provide technologists with an understanding of the operational challenges faced by the naval warfighter and, complementing that, the naval warfighter with an understanding of developing technologies that might meet their needs.


These events allow for collaboration between industry, academia, and government research and development organizations and provide an environment for warfighters to assess the potential utility of technical innovations before decisions are required on investment priorities. The result is an acceleration of information exchange and reduction in risk for larger Fleet exercises, material transitions, future research and development, and refined understanding of concepts of 

employment and barriers to implementation of emerging technologies.


ANTX is conducted as a series of focused programs led by the Naval Research and Development Establishment (NR&DE). While each program has a unique focus, the benefits to stakeholders are universal and expand the advantage against a constantly evolving threat environment:

  • Fleet – Hands-on or over-the-shoulder exposure to developing technical solutions, a voice in the value and suitability of new technologies, and an opportunity to evaluate new tactics and concepts of operations enabled by emerging technology

  • Warfare Centers – An opportunity to collaborate and inform technical development, gain insight into warfighter needs, and obtain access to industry and academic partner research

  • Resource Sponsors – An opportunity to evaluate novel concepts and technologies, allowing for a preliminary “test drive” of potential solutions and informing technical investment

  • Industry – Gain unfiltered exposure and visibility with end users and warfighters. A low-risk, consequence-free learning environment allows for direct feedback, providing the private sector with a unique opportunity to align development efforts with communicated DoD needs


ANTX was established in 2015 by NUWC Division Newport, where a handful of participants triggered the roots of what became a $100 million Future Naval Capability program. Since then, Newport continues to hold events annually, as do several other warfare centers and their partners who have adopted the model and made it their own.


ANTX programs are led by the NR&DE in order to provide a venue for engagement and collaboration between technologists and warfighters.

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The NR&DE includes twenty commands from the Naval Air Warfare Centers, Naval Surface Warfare Centers, Naval Undersea Warfare Centers, Naval Information Warfare Centers, Office of Naval Research, and Naval Research Laboratory.


The NR&DE partners closely with talented individuals from industry, academia, and across the government to ensure our Sailors and Marines have access to the most advanced capabilities now and in the future.


  • DASN (RDT&E)

  • NAWC Aircraft Division

  • NIWC Atlantic

  • NIWC Pacific

  • NSWC Crane Division

  • NSWC Dahlgren Division

  • NSWC Port Hueneme Division

  • NUWC Division Newport


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